Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Can Personal Growth Be Distinguished From Spiritual Growth?

Tweet Every day I experience an opportunity to grow both personally and spiritually. Since I began consciously and mindfully studying and working on my own personal growth, I recognized that it also helped me to grow spiritually. I still find that it is difficult for me to speak publicly about this to a great extent […]

What Transition?

September 9, 2013 by  
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Tweet It has been quite a while since I last sent out a newsletter; five months to be exact. Life has been happening all around me, and I am finding myself in transition. Not only have I not sent out newsletters, I have not written many blogs. I have instead been concentrating on my home, […]

Kindness Challenge 2013 – Day 2

Tweet Cause: I was at the gym, working out (YES! I really do that on occasion), and there was a gentleman behind me ┬átalking to someone else about things to do in our small town. I was trying very hard not to listen in to the conversation, but he wasn’t getting a great deal of […]

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