Sunday, February 25, 2018

Intuition Meets Paranoia

Tweet “Intuition offers you choices. Paranoia imposes choices upon you.” – Gary Zukav This last week, one of my favorite coaching clients came to me with an” ah-ha” moment. He recognized that one of his immediate everyday reactions was condemnation for people he expected to be critical of him – for whatever reason – and […]

What You Think of Me Is None of My Business

Tweet This week, in the course of my daily life, I was part of a conversation using this saying that caused me to stop and think.  I know that some of you are laughing at that – but it’s true.   And, I feel compelled to share some of my thoughts. You, however, get to choose […]

Fear Not, Judge Not, Resist Not – Guidelines for Living Life, Part II

Here is a surprise: We are not the judges of the Universe, not the judges of others, and not even the judges of ourselves! REALLY!