Sunday, April 22, 2018

Raving Fans

“I loved your classes this year. It reminds me every time of who I am as a leader, and how we grow and change each time we are reminded.”

“Your class on Leadership and Conflict was great. I utilized the processes you shared for having a conversation around conflict in the last month. They helped with the conversation, and with how I felt about having to have it.”  B.B., Southeast Community College

“Bring Georgia Feiste to campus, and have her speak to the ENTIRE College. Ask all who attended her session last week …her message about Complainers should reach a wider audience. It was fantastic.”  Nikki Isemann, Political Science Instructor 

“Georgia has got to be the greatest career coach ever! We had two one on one coaching sessions. In the initial session. Georgia asked me focused questions that really challenged me to think about what career I was ideally suited for. She followed up with a series of workshops that challenged me to dig deep, explore my passions, and set goals, and detailed steps to attain those goals. Within a week of our first meeting, I had a job interview in my target field. 3 days after our second meeting I had my dream job! Without her help, I would not have had the insight and focus to change careers. I can never thank her enough!”  Jen Shurman, Gateway Senior Living 

Georgia Feiste is a compassionate, caring coach who knows exactly what to say, when to say it, and most importantly, how to say it.  I am grateful for her guidance and expertise, for I am reaping the benefits of her wisdom and skill.  If you want to have success in your life, work with Georgia!  – Kristin, Entrepreneur 

I recently spent some time with Georgia, as my life coach, and found great success in just a few sessions.Not only is she an educated coach but also an experienced business woman, wife, mother, and friend; all of which augments her ability to relate to others. I was at a point in my life where I was feeling overwhelmed by the demands to perform as a domestic partner, mother, employee, and student. Georgia helped me to realize that most of the pressure I was feeling was self-induced. She helped me to reevaluate my own perception of success, to reframe my thoughts so that I could see all that I have accomplished rather than focusing on perceived failures. By doing so, she has literally helped me to put my life back into my own hands.This is not the only issue that we addressed with our sessions, but so many things started to fall into place once I was able to resolve this one issue. My life coaching experience has provided a balance in day-to-day life, and Georgia’s unfailing support, encouragement, and gentle guidance has been an invaluable experience. I would recommend Collaborative Transitions to anyone who is going through any type of life change or to those that need to find the change in themselves necessary to live a more fulfilling life. ~ JL, Business Analyst

Georgia is a gifted and talented life coach. Her ability to coach from an authentic, caring and organic place really leads to great insight and shifts in perspectives for her clients. Georgia has a true interest and concern for her clients – of all types – and this is readily apparent in her coaching. She is full of great tips for living a joyful and blanced life, and shares many tricks and ideas. I can whole-heartedly recommend her! ~ Jen Boswell, Owner & Coach, Jen Boswell Coaching

 Georgia is a fabulous coach! I’ve known her for several years now, and this is what she was meant to do! She has a gift! ~ June Niemann    , Business Analyst

 My work with Georgia has been such a blessing to my life. I was looking for balance between all the directions that life was pulling me and with Georgia’s help and guidance I was able to find a direction and peace of mind in my life that has actually given me more energy and excitment about the future than I had ever thought I would have. With her support and encouragement I was able to week through everything that was taking my time and zapping my energy so that I could focus on what is really important to me. I am more focused and determined than ever to meet my life goals both professionally and personally. ~ Diane Merrell, Business Analyst

 Georgia is an intelligent, personable, and experienced professional that produces results. ~ Patrick Heese, Manager

Thanks so much for doing what you do, Georgia.  I’m really enjoying your blogs and your website.  I especially enjoyed the article “How to Just Be with What Is.” ~ DD, Manager

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