Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Executives and Leaders Mastermind Group

Thank you for your interest in creating a Mastermind Group for Executives and Leaders with me!

I was exploring the internet the other day for organizations that support and grow leaders, when I thought “Why don’t you start your own? As a coach, this is what you do!” 

I know that when I was a Sr. VP for Lincoln Benefit Life Company/Allstate, before starting my own company, I often yearned for a group of peers to talk to about how to keep things balanced at work and at home, or what to do with an unmotivated team, or how to adjust to a rotating door in Senior Management, or you name it, I wanted to explore it.  I also wanted to be able to share my successes and have a group of friends supporting and encouraging me as I upped my game at home and at work.  So, I decided to pose the question to see if there were those who were interested in being a part of a group of highly motivated executives who are willing to become more…  That’s how this conversation got started, and I’m thrilled that there are so many of you.

My vision is to coordinate and facilitate one or more groups of 6-8 individuals who are currently successful leaders or have been successful in the past and are in the beginning stages of building their ENCORE careers.  I see this as a group where everyone is encouraged to be authentic, to be your own unique person, and to have powerful conversations.  Where you are challenged to bring your specific talents, skills and life purpose to the virtual table.  Together, I’d love to see each of you create an environment where “work can be a great place.  A place where you are challenged in just the way you each like to be challenged.  A place where people recognize you for what you do well and push you to become better and better at it.  A place where you get to make the kind of difference only you can make.  A place, in the end, where you get to experience the thrill of success.” 

I’m a very interactive person, and I thrive in an environment where brainstorming and bouncing ideas off one another in a safe environment (during meeting times, and via emails and phone calls to one another outside of meetings) helps me to think clearer and be the best me I can be.  I’m looking for other leaders who feel the same way, and would enjoy a mastermind environment.

If you are already familiar with Mastermind Groups, and would like more information about the selection process for A Mastermind Group for Executives and Leaders, please fill out your name and e-mail information, and I will promptly send it to you.  If not, please keep reading, and I will briefly explain what you can expect.

A Mastermind Group is the getting together of two or more minds for one common purpose. They work in harmony to give support to each other through ideas, encouragement, insights and resources in a non-competitive environment.

The bottom line is that Masterminding is an effective process to provide solutions to challenges and problems through other powerful tools such as creative brainstorming, networking and accountability structures. Most executives and leaders can benefit from this simple process.

Four benefits you can expect from participating in a Mastermind are:

Perhaps the most valuable asset you can gain from participating in a Mastermind is a constant influx of new ideas and fresh perspectives from a group of peers you trust and respect. 

It seems our biggest challenge these days is staying positive and motivated in an economy that has become stagnant and requires us to work harder and be more creative, while giving up any semblance of balance between work and home.  To effectively prevent this, engage in interaction with your Mastermind group on a regular basis. The discussions and stimulation that occur can challenge and inspire you with high levels of energy, excitement and passion to keep you moving forward. 

Staying positive and motivated and to be charged with high levels of energy is important but not sufficient to bring you to the next level. Mastermind groups can act as sounding boards for your business decisions and hold you accountable and responsible till completion of your plans. Simple systems can be set up within the Mastermind groups to track members’ progress or if any follow-up action is done.

In our time and culture, time is money, requiring you to learn double the things in half the time. By connecting with peers in a Mastermind group who have similar experience, you tap into, learn and benefit from others’ input. This greatly shortens your learning curve by a huge margin and this process can be repeated with you sharing related ideas and experience to others in the future. If these concepts excite you, and you are eager to receive more information about the Mastermind Group for Executives and Leaders, fill out the information below and I will send you information regarding the selection process.

The above benefits mentioned are only made possible when members of your Mastermind group are dedicated and committed to contribute unconditionally, and all persons are screened accordingly.

Still hesitating?  By requesting information, you are committing to receive the information offered and to consider if this is for you.  It is your ultimate choice as to whether you will complete the screening questionnaire in order to be considered for the Mastermind Group for Executives and Leaders

In addition, you will be added to our list of people interested in the mastermind concept, and will receive future updates regarding other Mastermind Groups you might be interested in joining.  Finally, you will receive my newsletter on the 1st and 15th of each month, packed with valuable articles and announcements of future events and programs. 

I am really looking forward to hearing from you!

I wish you only the best, always,

Georgia Feiste

Collaborative Transitions Coaching, Inc.

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