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Retirement Coaching

Are you nearing retirement, and don’t know what you want to do?  Have you been forced into retirement, but you’re not ready? Retirement isn’t the end. It’s a chance for renewal and purpose. You know what you’re good at, and you know what you’d love to do, let’s work together to create a fulfilling venture.

There is a whole new retirement blueprint for success for today’s retirees.  In our parent’s day, retirement meant toddling off to play until you can’t play anymore.  It was the “beginning of the end.”  Today’s retirement is truly a transition to the beginning of an encore career or life stage.  Some people call this the “third age” where we have multiple options to select from as we move out of our current employment.

Traditional retirement often meant that you worked until you were 65, and then you just stopped.  Today the average retirement age is 57.5 years, and most retirees would not think of stopping.  They want nothing to do with the concept of being “couch potatoes”.  They want meaningful activities, leisure, fun, and often an encore career.  Today’s retirees are looking for fulfillment – they are looking for their unique sense of purpose and meaning.

Today’s pre-retirees are more highly educated, more sophisticated, more affluent, and certainly more “with it”.  They are looking for more personal purpose in their lives than they ever had before.  And, they require that purpose to be new, different, perhaps novel, and deeply interesting to them as they begin to define their life around their values and an intent to live a meaningful life.


People approaching their first retirement transition should go through exactly the same process of self-analysis they would do if they were going through a job change.  As job changers need to generate their career options in a clear and understandable way, so too, pre-retirees need the same “options generation” process but with slightly different content, slightly different goals, and an entirely different purpose.

That’s exactly what people approaching retirement at any age need … they need possibilities to choose from.

The retirement coaching process is designed to address crucial areas to help clients reach a deep level of personal knowledge so they can begin their journey toward a successful and fulfilling retirement.  We will discuss the following 12 success factors throughout this process, culminating in a strong foundation for an exciting and meaningful retirement:

  1. Work Reorientation – Who Am I?
  2. Attitude – How do I feel about retirement?
  3. Personal Choice – How well am I guided by my own personal values?
  4. Health: Thriving In Retirement
  5. Financial: Maintaining My Lifestyle
  6. Quality of Life: Choosing Happiness
  7. Spirituality: Life Purpose/Life Meaning in Retirement
  8. Fun: A Life of Ease
  9. Flexibility and Transformation
  10. Connectedness: Who is in My Village?
  11. Extreme Self-care: The Sandwich Generation
  12. My Mission and Vision for an Exciting and Eulfilled Retirement


It has been said more than once that 70 is the new 50.  What used to be called the mid-life crisis is now being identified as a transition from “doing” to “being” in mindset and actions. This actually starts about late 40’s to mid 50’s  and lasts well into the 70’s and early 80’s.  It can be a time of huge personal and spiritual growth, or it can spiral downward very quicly.  The key to success is in the preparation for change.

Many people look upon this time as a period where life slows down and they can just take it easy.  The reality is just the opposite.  The changes that take place in this Third Age are more rapid and often more severe than you have dealt with in the past.  The more prepared you can be, the more successful the outcome as you pursue the freedom from obligations, family and the push to break through the glass ceiling.  You no longer have to prove to anyone what you are made of, and who you are.  You are free to be authentically who you, happily living your purpose and your passion.

Retirement is a career transition, totally different from any other career transition you have ever gone through.   Retirement coaching helps you begin to make sense out of this time of transition that often sends waves of fear through our hearts and minds.

The possibilites for a successful retirement are as many as the number of people retiring.  Each retirement story will be as unique as the person telling it.  Retirement coaching allows all pre-retirees the luxury of awareness by understanding their attitudes, beliefs and values more clearly.  This clarity of thinking creates the ability to focus on the options and making the choices that make sense for them.  Once the choices have been made, action steps can be taken to make their retirement the time of their life.


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