Saturday, March 24, 2018

Executive Coaching

Star athletes rely on good coaching to get them to the Super Bowl, to a medal in the Olympics or to play in the World Series. Managers, business owners and executives can benefit from professional coaching to help get them where they want to be in their careers. As talented as an athlete or a business person might be, he or she will benefit from coaching.

How does it work? Through the process of coaching, clients can be helped in their personal development to:

  • Deepen their learning
  • Improve their performance
  • Identify and overcome barriers
  • Enhance their quality of life

A coach helps to accelerate the clients’ progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice.

The process: Coaching is a highly effective, customized individual process that involves face to face or telephone sessions, usually on a monthly basis. Session times vary according to each client’s schedule.

What happens? Each coaching relationship is customized specifically for the individual, but generally coaching consists of four phases:

  • Develop formal commitments
  • Gather information and create a professional development plan
  • Coaching
  • Evaluation and follow-up

Results: While it is difficult to measure results simply because each coaching relationship is unique, feedback by those who have gone through the process and those around them are decidedly positive. The growth of executive coaching as an industry is a testament to its value for companies and individuals.

Is Executive Coaching for you? If you feel you are not fulfilling your potential or if you often feel frustrated, misunderstood or stymied, you are a candidate for executive coaching.

The only way to find out for sure is to make the call for a free half-hour consultation. You will know if Executive Coaching is for you.

Call now to schedule your Introductory Session: (402) 304-1902, or visit my FAQ for more information.  You can also reach me through the contact page.

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