Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Why Would I Need A Coach?

Tweet I get this question a lot. So much so that I rarely tell them I am a coach when they ask me what I do. You see, I love change – I love creating change, growing (not to be confused with improving), getting unstuck and being who I am meant to be. So, I […]

Leadership Perspectives: A Perfect Storm

Tweet I’ve been told that the biggest mistake you can make when blogging is to talk about yourself. I’ve also been told that when you make things personal, people begin to recognize and respect that you are human, and have experiences you can share and others can learn through. Several situations have created a perfect […]

Leaders, Do You Find Change Difficult?

Tweet If you do, get yourself a copy of “Change-friendly Leadership: How to Transform Good Intentions into Great Performance” by Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan. Change is organic. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it often depends on the culture of an organization to determine how little or how much change can be tolerated by the people […]

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