Saturday, June 24, 2017

Journal Your Way To Prosperity

Tweet by guest blogger, Mark Hopkins Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of the Virgin Group, posted an urgent blog request not long ago asking for help in finding his misplaced journal. He uses it to keep a record of projects and ideas he has while he is on the move. When I saw the post, […]

Kindness Challenge 2013 – Day 3

Tweet The other day my husband and I were at the grocery store. In a familiar scenario in every grocery store I’ve ever been in, sale items were placed on high shelves – some much higher than six feet.  An elderly woman, about 5’ tall, was trying to reach the items she wanted, and started […]

What Happens When You Think You Know Everything?

Tweet This particular question is playing out all around me lately – in the press, on television, in my church, with my spouse, in conversations with my friends, and yes, in my work. Let me be blunt: You don’t know everything – you can’t know everything – and what you do know is your unique […]

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