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Georgia Feiste, President

Georgia Feiste, President

Here in the present is the world set free.

For as you let the past be lifted

and release the future from your ancient fears,

you find escape and give it to the world.

– Gifts from a Course in Miracles

I am a life transition coach, writer, and workshop facilitator creating a safe space for people wanting to make significant changes in life by discovering the power of who they are, their purpose and passion.

I believe that everyone has the ability to be a leader, regardless of the job/career they are performing in the real world.  Every person is uniquely here to shine their light on the path this world of ours is traversing, and to connect with others who are doing the same.

Leaders who are clear about who they are experience abundance by focusing their strengths and passions in every area of their life. They are enthusiastically pursuing their spiritual enlightenment, waking to the truth of who they are, and having the courage to open themselves to experiencing the resolve to make their truth manifest in this world with all of their being.  As we transition through life stages, we experience different aspects of who we are in a variety of areas – our roles, health, the time we spend in differing areas, clarity around finances, relationships, creativity, personal and spiritual growth, and what we do for fun.

My role as coach is to hold open the space for my clients so they might experiment as they discover and get comfortable with who they are; growing and learning as they go through the process of embracing who they are willing to be. All the while, encouraging and supporting them as they develop their vision, set their goals, and accomplish each sweet step with ease and grace.

What I bring to the table:

  • Strong C-level executive business background.  Familiar with career transition in both career shifting and organizational change, and have worked on both sides of the downsizing equation.
  • Trained by Coach, Inc. as a professional coach. Member of the International Coach Federation.
  • Deeply involved in my own spiritual growth, evolving progressively toward enlightened leadership.  Delighted to bring that aspect of who I am to my coaching practice.


Coaching for individuals seeking more fulfillment and meaning in their lives by following the concept of a perfect life, as it flows through us.

  • Personal Life transition:  Receive the encouragement and direction you need to help you maximize your resources and creativity.  No topic is too large or too small to explore.
  • Career transition:  Whether planned or unplanned, for those persons who are actively redefining who they are willing to be within the context of a vocation/career.
  • Retirement transition:  Pre- and post-planning and transitional strategies for retirees interested in creating an intentional, joyful and meaningful life.

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