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What Transition?

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It has been quite a while since I last sent out a newsletter; five months to be exact. Life has been happening all around me, and I am finding myself in transition.

growth Not only have I not sent out newsletters, I have not written many blogs. I have instead been concentrating on my home, my family, and I have spent a great deal of time resurrecting my art skills. In addition, my volunteer work has stepped up at church and in the community. I have also wrapped up my two year stint (as of the end of August) with Southeast Community College providing leadership skill training for faculty and staff.

So, you ask – “What transition? It sounds like you still have a full plate!” This is true, but the serving portions and what feeds me is different than over the last several years.

*The coaching clients coming to me are coming for very different reasons than they were before, and I am paying careful attention to what is happening there.

*In addition, I am volunteer coaching every week at Grounds for Growth for those who are looking for support in that area.
*The time I am taking to practice my art has created a significant improvement in what I am able to accomplish. I am also finding I would rather draw and paint than almost anything else.  I can lose myself in the creative process, working almost solely out of my right brain. It is a wonderful experience after a career living in the logical, left side of my brain.
*I have spent a great deal of time since April looking at the possibilities of each day as it unfolds, and choosing to not worry about the future.  I have turned up the volume in my life and I’m actively participating and taking action rather than reading and teaching what I have learned.

Okay, you are thinking, but what is the transition? By turning up the volume, I am more successful in sharing what I have learned. People learn best by experiencing what it is you are here to share rather than reading about it.

The beauty of the transition is that I don’t know yet where I’m headed!  I’m sitting here laughing even as I write this. I don’t know! And, it’s okay. But, I know that I have entered into the transitional process.

I am allowing myself to experience ‘endings’ without fear. I’m allowing myself to feel vulnerable, and a little out of control. This is not who I have been in the past. I have had an almost pathological need to be in control (one reason why I was as successful in my job as I was).

I am allowing grief, and sometimes anger, to flow through me at each ending, and I’ve taken the next step in my awareness practice to observe the emotion and the reasons for it, and let it go. I am choosing to live strongly in my top two strengths: 1) seeing the potential of what is in front of me, and 2) connectedness – a strong sense that everything happens for a reason.

Every day I ask myself several questions: 1) Who am I; 2) What is real about this experience, and what is based on my perceptions: 3) What is my life about in this moment, or today; and 4) What is my place in the world today. The answers to those questions change over time, especially when you are in the midst of transition (substitute the word “change” if you wish).

I am feeling a shift in my internal experiences. I know that my explorations of the written word have contributed to this. My dear friend and mentor coach, Jennifer Anderson, who taught me how to coach myself as well as others, continues to encourage me. I have a true circle of friends who don’t hesitate to call me on my shit, and love me unconditionally. And, I recognize that I co-create my life from wherever I am. It is like a dance: sometimes I lead, and sometimes I follow.

Right now, I am content. Life is fabulous. I will try to write more often – and I’ll keep you updated on where I’m headed – one right step at a time!


Coach Georgia

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