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Study: 70% of small businesses don’t see social media ROI

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Since I am fairly active in social media, I found this article interesting and I know there are other entrepreneurs/coaches in my area who will find it interesting as well.  I must admit that I look to social media primarily as a relationship building function, and “hope” that those who are interested in hiring a coach will contact me. I “hope” that my time spent, and what I am posting has an impact on others, and helps them with their day to day living. However, I struggle with disillusionment quite frequently because I rarely get comments on my blogs, the same four or five people “like” my posts on Facebook, and those blogs that I share on Facebook and/or Twitter seem to float out there in never-never land. Then I remember that it isn’t about 50 comments, and it isn’t about 285 likes and shares – it’s about the one person who reads a post and finds it helpful. So, do I see an ROI – no. However, I know that there are those that pay attention to my posts – I hear from them occasionally – and I know that I will continue to share out of love for humanity, and my desire to make a difference.
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A recent study by online small business service directory Manta determined that 70% of businesses don’t see social media ROI from their social presence (I included the cohort that said they got $100 or less as well because it’s such a minuscule amount).

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