Sunday, April 22, 2018

Leadership Perspectives: Consciousness

Most of us think that our physical reality shapes our consciousness. As you move into the belief that true leadership comes from the heart, you realize that the opposite is true. Consciousness shapes physical reality.

As a coach, I often ask clients to “look around at the people who surround you. Look to your family, your friends, co-workers you have bonded with (and those you haven’t), and take a good look at yourself.  Watch carefully. Notice what is being done and said.  What are your experiences on a regular basis?”

This is not something that can be done in five minutes, or even five hours. It is good to spend a couple of concentrated days in observation, and then continue to observe as you begin to experiment with what you do and the choices you make.

Because I like to play in the energy of life, and I learn by doing (as do most of us), this process can be great fun.  Would you like to try?

1)      Before you take action, or speak to others, take the time to become aware of your intentions. What outcome(s) are you looking for?

2)      Take into consideration the likely effects of each of your intentions (non-reality based cause).

3)      Choose the intention that will most likely create the outcome you desire.

4)      Observe how your experience changes.

Do your experiences always change? No. But if they don’t, look for where you might be holding different intentions that would cause them to remain the same, and next time change that intention, as well. Repeat.

Let me tell you a quick story most of you will relate to:

Over the holidays, our grandson, Easton, was running through the house (the house was designed in a somewhat circular pattern so you can move from living room to dining room to kitchen to dinette to living room – you get the picture). He had a piece of candy in his mouth, and was laughing and giggling as only a 2 year old can do.

As he passed me, I reached out to stop him from running, especially because he had candy in his mouth. The words I said were “Easton, honey, you need to stop running until you have finished your candy.” I wasn’t upset or angry, but concerned that he might accidentally inhale and swallow the candy the wrong way and we would have a problem.  He screamed, and jerked away from me and kept on running.

The next time around his mommy, Diane, quietly said “Easton. You can keep running if you give me the candy.” He promptly took the candy out of his mouth and put it in her hand – and kept on running.

What was different here? Our intentions!

My intention was to get him to stop running because he had candy in his mouth, and to take control of the situation because of the safety issues.

His Mom’s intention was to let him do what he wanted because he wasn’t hurting anything, but to remove the safety issue from the equation by letting him choose what he wanted more – to continue running or the piece of candy.

This experience has given me pause over the three weeks – and I am more frequently checking my intentions, and what the outcomes might be, before I open my mouth or take action. I am resisting the often automatic responses that have developed over my lifetime, to consciously make the responsible choice. Diane honored Easton’s ability to make choices – even at the age of 2. What a great intention! And the outcome was a beautiful thing to behold.

These experiments probe below the surface of our five senses, into what we intend by our actions and words. They ask you to step into your creative power, pay attention to your awareness, and to consciously direct your intentions.

As you take the time to observe those around you, and yourself, notice what you like and what you don’t like based on your values and principles. Do this until you feel pretty good about recognizing your own reflection, your consciousness, in the outcomes of your leadership.

What do you intend to change and what do you intend to continue?

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