Sunday, April 22, 2018

Kindness Challenge 2013 – Day 1

Uber Friendly Dog – Charlie


 Cause and Effect and Responsible Choice

Our cause: Day one of the kindness challenge was pretty quiet here at Collaborative Transitions. Charlie (the dog) and I met a young dog and his caretakers on our walk yesterday. The dog was very frightened and they explained they had gotten him from a friend who passed away from cancer a few weeks ago. Because of her illness, the pup had never been socialized. After acknowledging their kindness, Charlie and I sat down on the sidewalk and quietly waited for “Benji” to come visit with us as we continued to talk.


What effect did this have? It left the couple feeling good about their kindness to their friend and her dog. And, Benji was a little less intimidated by other dogs as he continued his walk.


How did I feel? Blessed to have met such a generous couple, and happy to see Benji’s tail come out from between his legs and give a tentative wag, and so very proud of my uber friendly dog for sitting quietly while Benji explored both of us to see if we were safe. Even dogs have leadership ability, don’t you think?

Response from a follower and friend:

“I went to visit our friend in the hospital. He is doing well, although feeling slightly ill from the surgery.  He enjoyed the visit, and the attention.”


Responsible Choice

Responsible choice is choosing the cause carefully so you will create the effect you want. – Gary Zukav


What does this mean to a leader: As we seek to create common purpose within our teams, as well as community participation that leads to solid communications, respect and a sense of belonging, we find that the cause of kindness goes far in creating this effect. cohesiveness and  But is kindness the only cause that will create that particular effect?

How did your first day of Kindness Challenge 2013 create an effect?

What other causes might you employ to create the effect described above?

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