Sunday, April 22, 2018

Kindness Challenge 2013

Being kind is a choice we make; a choice that has immediate and lasting results on us and others. When we are kind to someone else, or even to ourselves, we have created a “cause” which will result in an “effect”.

I often think about how we move billions of people from one point to another in terms of consciousness, when we have difficulty in our own homes, neighborhoods and cities. We even have trouble being kind to ourselves! The reality is we accomplish this one person at a time.

I would like to see a kinder, more compassionate, leadership style in our corporations, education system, our government, our places of worship and community gathering places. We can accomplish this effect by taking up the cause of kindness with a strong helping hand of compassion.

The only change you will experience in your life is the change you choose to make. – Gary Zukav

Today I am delivering a Kindness Challenge to my fellow leaders (note: you are all leaders) all across the world. I encourage you to take up the kindness challenge for one week. Let me know what you did, the results, and how it made you feel. At the end of the week, let me know if you are willing to take up the cause for a longer period of time and how you intend to move forward.

Here are some suggestions for getting started:

Go out of your way to be friendly and kind to people you meet during the next week. Extend this kindness to people you talk to face-to-face, on the phone, and those your correspond with via email or written letter.

Offer kindness to people at work, at home, your place of worship, where you shop, at school. Offer kindness to perfect strangers. Don’t leave anyone out.

Notice how you feel.  Now that you have created the “cause” in your life, what “effect” has it had on you?

I ask you to return to this blog every day this week to share, along with me, specific instances of the kindness you have mindfully extended, your feelings about them, and the effect you notice. If you are like me, you may need to carry a notebook!

Let me give you a brief example:

Today, my friend is going in for his second surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. I called him early this morning to tell him how much I cared for him, and to let him know that I am sending lots of love and waves of energy his way. He told me that he missed me, and wished that I were there to visit him in the hospital as I did with the first surgery. I assured him that I will be there in spirit. What effect did this kindness have on me? I feel blessed to know that he welcomes and appreciates my small gift of spending time with him, and wishing him well. My hope is that it gives him a sense of peacefulness knowing I am thinking about him, and praying for a quick recovery.

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Thank you for reading and for being part of this community – it means so much to me.

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