Sunday, April 22, 2018

Why Would I Need A Coach?

I get this question a lot. So much so that I rarely tell them I am a coach when they ask me what I do. You see, I love change – I love creating change, growing (not to be confused with improving), getting unstuck and being who I am meant to be. So, I tell them that I collaborate with people to create change that helps them move forward.

Many people equate coaching with the thought that they need to be fixed. Not so – and I’m not in that business. Others think that I’m there to motivate them. Nope. If you aren’t already motivated, you really don’t want to be coached or move forward in the first place.

So, here’s the deal. You might be in the right job or business. You may really enjoy your leadership role. But, for some reason or other, the magic has just gone right out of it for you. Maybe you need someone who can give you a fresh perspective.  You might consider tweaking your business or role so that you create exactly what you’ve always wanted. If you did that, would you need someone to motivate you? Probably not, you would be so alive, you might need someone to help you create clarity, and focus. And celebrate your successes with you.

As a personal growth and leadership coach, I partner with people who have tasted success, and they want more. They know what it means to be happy, motivated, and leading an abundant life. And, they want more.

Watch Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, speak about coaching. One of the things he shares is that we are never good at seeing ourselves exactly the way others do. Our experiences and beliefs get in the way of how others perceive us.

As a coach, I listen, acknowledge and share my thoughts with clients all the time, and many are quite surprised by those observations. This creates a shift for them – what I call an “Ah-Ha” moment.

I have several coaches, and I experience these moments all the time! As we talk, and explore, they point out the obvious when I’m too close to the details and am not paying attention to the whole picture.

So, what does this other perspective offer?

A coach supports you in creating clarity and focus, so you get where it is you want to go much quicker, and with a great deal more grace.

Today’s question:

If you hired a coach for you or someone on your team, and you/they received massive value, what would you/they want to work on first?


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