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Vote With Your Heart Not Your Fear!

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I am writing this article the day before the election  –  November 6, 2012. I have no idea who will win this presidential election. I know who I will vote for, and why, and that is all that matters to me.

There have been a number of people asking me why I’m supporting the person I have chosen, and a number who have ridiculed my choice.  What matters is that I have a choice, and that no matter who wins, the democracy known as the United States will continue. After the election, we will all go back to our daily lives – desiring to work, earn enough money to make a living, create a peaceful and joyful life, and believe it or not, we will most generally not behave in the ways people from the other political party have perhaps given others the false impression that we will.

Here is what I believe. Our thoughts develop in the form of an outward appearance or structure. This political campaign has been ruthless and bitter – on both sides of the equation. And, we should not be surprised to find our country polarized and deeply demoralized. We are actively creating who we are, and who we wish to be with our thoughts, our disrespect, our lack of kindness, and dare I say – misrepresentation of facts, and at times complete deceptions that point to a serious lack of honesty.

We are afraid. And, we are living in the extreme edges of what we believe to be our reality. For no good reason! Most of the time, as I have talked to people, I have found that we agree on about 75% of the issues. We, the citizens, aren’t that far apart when we step away from the far right and far left party agendas. And yet, our elected representatives are so bent on voting a party line that is so steeped in mental polarization that Congress may once again be completely dysfunctional, incapable of doing what we need to do to continue the economic recovery from the almost complete decimation of our financial backbone. They will once again give the appearance that they no longer care about the people of this country more than they care about getting re-elected.

The rhetoric around this campaign has been steeped in sound bites and rhetoric designed to instill fear:

  • There won’t be enough money.
  • The increasing development of “haves” and “have nots” – developing into the historical definition of a class system.
  • We can’t increase taxes, or reform the tax system, for the wealthy. If we do, the trickle down system won’t work.
  • There won’t be jobs for the millions of unemployed.
  • Social Security will fail, along with Medicare.
  • Millions will be left without health insurance.
  • Women will lose the right to choose how to care for their own bodies.
  • If we vote for same-sex marriage, the institution of marriage will be destroyed.
  • And, of course, there is the “fact” that both presidential candidates are the Anti-Christ.

All of these situations are possibilities – if we choose them. If we let them happen in the fashion they are being presented, and we don’t take the appropriate action to make things better.  Well…. Maybe not the Anti-Christ.

What will it take for each of us to stand up and let our elected representatives know that we expect them to work as a team, to collaborate, get creative and make compromises to pull this country together and get it moving forward? As a coach, I know that individuals, teams and organizations can do this. I’ve watched it happen. Now, I would like to see each of you demanding that the same efforts be made throughout our local, county, state and federal governments. I would like to see corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs take a stand – and show our elected leaders how it’s done.

We are an abundant nation – beauty in nature is plentiful and we are creative hardworking people. We are one of the wealthiest nations in the world. We are one people, indivisible.  It is time we start acting like it. Cast your fear aside before you walk into the polls tomorrow. Vote for the people you believe will collaborate, compromise where necessary, and can move us forward. Vote with your heart – not your fear.

And, before our next election – we need to demand that corporations and big money PACs should not be allowed to pour billions of dollars into elections in order to get the person they want in office. It feels like a form of payola – is that the right term? We need to take a stand on exaggerated rhetoric and misrepresentation so that we might be able to distinguish truth.

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2 Responses to “Vote With Your Heart Not Your Fear!”
  1. Excellent Post.

    Democracy fails to be democracy when we fail to be involved, at least at the level where we perpetually share, with our representatives, what we expect from them.

    I agree wholeheartedly about the democracy destroying influence of corporate money in the elections. We may need to look at changing the power of the Supreme Court. We expect that they will make constitutionally aligned decisions, but this is clearly not always the case. All the more reason to vote our hearts and to be involved in all aspects of the process.

    Thanks for an excellent, wise post.
    Elliott Teters recently posted..Spiritual But Not Religious

  2. Jack Durish says:

    Neither “heart” nor fear had anything to do with my vote. I’m not guided by partisan politics either. I vote solely based on what I have reasoned is best for my country and the world. I was not dissuaded from voting my choice though being labeled a racist or heartless for decision.

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