Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Time of Your Life

Every day is the day to begin the Time of Your Life. In order for us to create change in our lives with deliberate intent, it’s important to learn how to make our life exactly what is right for us. Only we can decide what that is, and only we can believe in the possibilities of making it ours.

One of my group attendees last week told us that it seemed as if her life cycled, and when one cycle ended another began.  She is now in a state of confusion because a large part of her life activities has ended, but she does not feel as if another cycle has begun.  The group helped her talk through this, asking questions and talking about their own experiences.  The consensus was that this was just fine.  It is a time for reflection, a time of rest and a time to just be.  She felt her heart would lead her in choosing her next right step.

Being open to the time of your life requires you to take your life off auto-pilot, take control and consciously decide what you will and will not do. It requires the space to be open (as well as your mind and heart), and the freedom to choose how you live each day.

The time of your life is balanced, or if it is not, it is by choice. I’ve found that I do best when I create the yin and the yang between being and doing. Listen to what your intuition tells you – not to the interested, and often loving, parties around you. In the common vernacular, “your gut will tell you” what is in your highest interest.

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