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What Legacy Will You Leave?

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I just read a great article from Harvard Business Review entitled “What Do You Want to Say You’ve Done?”.   When I talk with clients, I often ask them what legacy they would like to leave.  Most often their answers have to do with personal things they have done – things related to family, volunteer work, community, etc.  When they mention their work, they do so by saying they wish to have been successful.  Rarely do I hear anyone say something about a specific project or “adventure” they might have had during their working years.

What struck me about this article is that the author looked at the psychology of regret in relationship to taking your next big assignment or project.  He states that “The backward-looking perspective highlights missed opportunities and things left unsaid.”  Missed opportunities being those opportunities that have presented themselves, and we may have chosen to let them go because of the risk involved over the short-term.  He goes on to tell us,  ”The specter of failure looms large when there is potential risk in a particular course of action.   When looking forward, the risk of failure seems important. But even significant failures are unlikely to derail your career, and what seems like a catastrophe may have little impact on your overall life satisfaction.”

My experience has been that when we are playing full out in the all aspects of our lives,  failure in one specific area creates a learning experience that often enriches all other areas of our lives.  The key is to keep your overall vision for what you want for yourself in mind as you make decisions, along with your values.   Every decision has multiple solutions, and each one should be measured separately and intentionally in relation to your overall goals and your values.  The solution that meets both of those will leave you fulfilled and happier.  When you look back, you can smile and say without regret “I did…. “

If you don’t have a vision for your life,  download The Who of You below, and discover who you are, and what legacy you want to leave!

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