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It has been 32 days since my youngest grandchild, and only granddaughter, Elliana Grace was born.  We have been privileged to have her in our home since then, while her parents deal with an international move that cannot be consummated until Elliana is 8-10 weeks old.  Dad came back for three weeks to meet his daughter (he has been enchanted with her) but has since had to return to his work.  Both parents have been lovingly overwhelmed by the time she requires, and the deep sense of responsibility for this little person.

As I watch my daughter in her new role as mother, I have been overtaken with an emotional wave of love for her and her child.  The bond that is created during the development of life, the birth, and the first few weeks of life is amazing – strong and everlasting.   It overshadows all the ups and downs that life has to offer, and makes it easy for us to say “I’m here”, “What can I do to help?”, “No”, “Yes” and “I love you”

As these thoughts pass through my mind, I wonder about the bonds of humanity itself.  Do we have bonds strong enough to look into the eyes of another and say those words?  Have we created a sense of connectedness to our neighbors, the people in our places of worship, in our community and our nation?  Can we extend those bonds to the world?

It takes a strength of purpose to make these compassionate statements to someone we don’t know, or even to those we do know.  Finding purpose in our life is what motivates us to accomplish great things.   Living into our values helps us step outside ourselves to do what is right and good, even when it is difficult.  Honoring our principles allows us to firmly, but quietly, take a stand when things have gone horribly wrong.

As I watch my daughter, I know the bond between her and Elliana will give her the strength to say and do all of these things.  My granddaughter will grow up hearing these thirteen words, and will bravely carry them out into her world.  She will experience behavior based on values and the integrity her parents hold dear.  Values shared with them as they grew up, and those they have added on their own.  She will add her own as she grows and blossoms into adulthood.  Perhaps that is, after all, our purpose: to be who we are, in all our glory.

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