Sunday, April 22, 2018

Imagination – One of Your Primary Success Tools

I can’t tell you how many times I have read that we can create anything we can imagine.  The proof comes in speaking with my parents and friends of my parents, not in books or movies.   I am astounded at how much our civilization has imagined and brought into fruition over the last 100 years.  And, with all of nature’s miracles we have discovered to this point, including the miracle of our own brain, we are now learning how to make practical use of our new found knowledge around the vibration of thought.  It seems our only limitation lies in the development and use of our imagination!

In reading the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, I was amused to discover that there are two forms of imagination.  The most common is synthetic imagination.  This is the type of imagination that is used the majority of the time; it is where we arrange old concepts, ideas or plans into new combinations, creating nothing.  This type of imagination works within the confines of our experience, education and observation.  The second form of imagination is creative imagination.  Here Napoleon Hill proposes that it is when we exercise this form of imagination that we are connected with the collective consciousness, the Infinite Intelligence, the Universal Source.  It is what some of us might call “hunches” “inspiration”, and “intuition”.   It is through this faculty that we receive thought vibrations from others; we tune in to the subconscious minds of others.  And, it seems to work only when our conscious mind is stimulated through the emotion of a strong desire.

Why was I amused?  I worked in the corporate environment long enough to know that many of the transformational process improvements or corporate reorganizations have a cyclical lifecycle.  I often laugh out loud when a company announces a major change that takes them right back to where they were six or seven years before.  Chaos in the name of change is the result.

This sounds cynical, and I don’t mean for it to be.  Personally, I believe in change, and I am a strong believer in the use of creative imagination.  We see this predominantly in children, and I believe it is possible to revive it in adults.  So, rather than digress on our ability to create nothing, let’s continue with the topic of imagination, thoughts and ideas, and how to transform them into physical reality.

Let’s start with this concept:  Ideas are the products of the imagination.  Over time, and with much practice, we learn to engage the imagination from a burning desire to fulfill what we feel to be our values, intentions and purpose in life.   Once we have the vision in place, the next step is to make the decision to take action.  That decision is the impetus for more ideas – some might call them goals – that lead us on a forward moving path toward our burning desire or vision.

Let your imagination work on building a plan, or plans, for the transformation of your vision into reality.  This desire could be money, success, recognition, a great vacation, that book you have wanted to write your whole life, financial stability, helping others, creating connectedness – pick one.  Put your plan in writing, if you haven’t already done so.  At this time, you have given physical form to your intangible thought or desire by taking the first of a series of steps that will enable you to transform the energy of thought into reality.  Strange as it may seem – The Secret is not a secret!  Hard work and honesty alone will not bring you success, you must first visualize what it is that you desire, add ideas through the use of imagination, and then take action.

Oh, and it helps when the creator of ideas works in harmony with a seller of ideas, either through a partnership or in a mastermind group comprised of professionals in a variety of areas.  Remembering to work from our strengths and knowledge, and surrounding ourselves with those who complement and complete us is key to our success.

How often do you activate your creative imagination and take action on your ideas?

Georgia Feiste, President of Collaborative Transitions Coaching, Inc., located in Lincoln, NE, is a personal growth and leadership coach, writer, and workshop facilitator.  She is also a Usui Reiki Master and EFT practitioner.  Her passion is success grounded in purpose and passion, standards of integrity and priorities in life.  You can also find Georgia on her website, Collaborative Transitions, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.   Georgia may also be reached at (402) 304-1902 if you wish to schedule a 30 minute complementary consultation.

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