Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Book Review: The Final Summit

I am delighted to be giving away a copy of this book

to one person commenting on this blog today and tomorrow.

The Final Summit is a fantasy book, written by a master storyteller, Andy Andrews.  It is a work of fiction, written around facts as they are known, designed to make a point about leadership.  Many of the great leadership books have been written in exactly this same fashion, telling a lengthy story using allegory and metaphors.  I particularly enjoyed the brief history lessons we were given, as well as the utilization of the concept of time travel, and an angelic presence in our lives.

The Final Summit is the most recent journey of a Time Traveler, David Ponder.  In his previous travels, he was given Seven Decisions by well known historical figures and an archangel. David, now a greatly respected leader in his community, has built his life upon these seven decisions , which are:

  • “The Buck Stops Here” – President Harry Truman
  • “I will seek wisdom” – King Solomon
  • “I am a person of action” – Joshua Chamberlain
  • “I have a decided heart” – Columbus
  • “Today I will choose to be happy” – Anne Frank
  • “I will greet each day with a forgiving spirit” – Abraham Lincoln
  • “I will persist without exception” – Archangel Gabriel

During the Final Summit, David and thousands of other Time Travelers have been asked a question, and have been charged with finding the correct answer before time runs out for humanity.  The remainder of the book is devoted to the conversations held by an advisory council made up of David Ponder, Winston Churchill, Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Eric Erickson, King David and George Washington Carver.  As each person is added to the council, they bring additional information from the audience to aid in producing the correct answer.

The question:  What does humanity need to do, individually and collectively, to restore itself to the pathway toward successful civilization?

Imagine, if you will, how much of the discussion centered on aspects of character and how critical strong character is to a leader.  However, building character was not the answer, nor were all the virtues we believe to be part of character the answer.  It was….

To find the answer, order the book The Final Summit, by Andy Andrews here.  You will be delighted with a book that can be read in half a day, the conversation and the history.  And, the answer may surprise you.

The Final Summit: A Quest to Find the One Principle That Will Save Humanity

In addition, take the time to visit the official website of Andy Andrews, http://AndyAndrews.com , or join him on his official Facebook page, http://facebook.com/AndyAndrews .

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