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Why Don’t We Have More Women Leaders?

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We do it to ourselves. 

  • We don’t promote ourselves
  • We give credit to those we think helped us get where we are
  • We don’t believe in ourselves
  • Men reach for opportunities more than women do
  • Women still do more work at home and childcare than men do
  • Women often begin to withdraw from the world of work when they begin thinking about having a child

Or do we?

The same leadership traits in men and women are viewed differently, often positive for men and negative for women.  We absolutely must begin viewing men and women as equal, but beautifully different, and capitalizing on those differences.  But, more importantly, we need to believe in what we have to offer, raise our hands and be heard.

Sheryl Sandburg tells us that in her lifetime we will not see 50% of the leaders be women.  We are not making progress. Please watch this video from the TEDWomen series. Women leaders, I would love to hear your comments regarding what she has to say, and what you think we might do about it.

Georgia Feiste, President of Collaborative Transitions Coaching, Inc., located in Lincoln, NE, is a personal growth and leadership coach, writer, and workshop facilitator.  She is also a Usui Reiki Master and EFT practitioner.  Her passion is success grounded in purpose and passion, standards of integrity and priorities in life.  You can also find Georgia on her website, Collaborative Transitions, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.   Georgia may also be reached at (402) 304-1902 if you wish to schedule a 30 minute complementary consultation.

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