Monday, April 23, 2018

What Is Your Definition of Leadership?

I believe that every person has the ability to be a leader if their visions, along with every decision they make, are based on their values, purpose and passion.

I am stepping outside the bounds of organizational leadership, and stepping into the concept that when people have built their careers and their life on the above, they love everything they do, and have a greater opportunity to step into the “role of leader” , whatever that might be. It is more about living your life based upon who you are, and becoming whole (which by the way is the root definition of integrity) – and may have nothing to do with what you do.

When you bring integrity to your job – regardless of what it is, leadership is almost guaranteed. I am reminded of the story of the janitor who took great pride in his job; his building was immaculate, he rotated pictures on the walls and made sure the plants within the building were trimmed, watered and well taken care of. Senior management took note of him, and asked him why he did so much outside of his job description. The janitor stated that his job description was limited. His vision was to provide a clean beautiful environment for the employees and senior leaders to work in so that they might feel less stress, and make wise decisions designed to make the business a thing of beauty, just as he was doing with the building. He provided a vision and leadership to the management staff they had not considered before. He had no staff, and he had no followers. But, he was living his life, and doing his job, with a purpose and a vision that most of us never attain.

When you are in a management position, it becomes critical for you to pay solid attention to who you are – comprised of values, priorities in life, your purpose and your passion – and create the extraordinary character we are all capable of having. When you do this, you may not always agree with organizational direction, but you have the strength to put forth your ideas and create awareness around doing the right thing in order to move the organization forward through the inevitable changes that take place every single day with integrity, compassion, vision, clarity and grace.

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