Sunday, April 22, 2018

We May Be Getting Old, But We’re Not Dead Yet!

By Stephen C Thomas

I just read an article about baby boomers and their shopping habits. The article said that most marketers seem to think that baby boomers still drive Bugs, use Ogilvy, and have never left the sixties. Now there were some things about the sixties that I would love to have back, but I definitely did not stop living then.

What has changed? elderlycouple

For one thing, we are computer literate. Over forty percent of Internet users are people over the age of forty. We are not stuck in the dark ages! We know how to turn that computer on and a lot more! Some of us are very good web designers and there are many online marketers.

We like to travel! No, we no longer hitch hike, well not often, but we still like to get out and see the world! Maybe we cut our traveling teeth on going to Woodstock, but we learned that we liked going places and we still do.

We are fit, for the most part. Many baby boomers grew up being physically fit, and many of us still like to stay in shape! It may not always be weight lifting and may tend to be things like yoga and surfing, but we like to get out there and exercise. I still throw a pretty mean Frisbee!

One negative change, and this is just my own opinion, I have no data to back this up, is that we are no longer the political activists that we once were. In fact, it seems that many of us became a little apathetic about the whole political scene. I hope that many will take offense at that statement and comment letting me know how wrong I am.

What’s going on now?

Getting older does not mean that we have to stop living! I was upbraided just a few days ago by someone saying that I had no idea what it is like to be in pain and dying. Well, I know what it is like to hurt, my back and knees aren’t what they used to be, and I know I am dying. I don’t know of what, and I don’t know when, but we all are headed for that same fate. Just because that’s true, does not mean that we have to sit around waiting to die!

As we reach our golden years, I think many baby boomers are a little upset that the younger generations think we are one step away from our walkers and that we are just waiting to die. Sure, we are approaching old age, but I intend to approach it with all the gusto I can!

I heard a saying once and have decided to take it as my own motto. I am not going quietly to the grave, but intend to slide sideways into it! How about you? If you are a baby boomer, are you ready to hang it all up, or go out and live?

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  1. Edia says:

    When given the choice to “sit it out” or dance,


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