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The Ripple Effect in Leadership

By Michael Toth

The success of any business lies within its people. Your employees are the most valuable asset. The performance and attitude of your employees can result in success or failure of your business. At Ripple Effect Coaching we believe that improving the management of your employees will improve employee performance and engagement and this is the key to improving any business process.

Make no mistake! Happier and more engaged employees perform better and are more productive which directly impacts on profitability and success of the business.

Management holds key.

A widely held belief is that employees’ attitudes toward their work are primarily determined by their relationships with their immediate supervisors and their co-workers. Studies have found that managements attitude toward employees has a greater impact on employee relations and engagement than day-to-day factors, and that the top driver is “senior managements sincere interest in employee well-being.”

Why is this important?

Businesses/organizations are becoming leaner and more dependent on the contributions of engaged and committed individuals. More than ever before, the task of creating engaged and committed employees is vital to organizational success. With budget cuts and the pressure to do more with less, you might be currently asking yourself these questions:

• What are the vital engagement strategies and positive leadership solutions that maximize performance and productivity in these times of economic downturn?

• What are the best ways of getting the most out of our employees right now?

• How do we proactively & effectively lead our people in this difficult environment?

So if you’re looking to build a close-knit team, develop a culture of engagement and transform your business/organization into a high performance, high profit and high satisfaction enterprise:- Then consider the:

The 7 Vital Keys To Being A Highly Effective Leader

These are:

(1) Recognition

(2) Relationships

(3) Communication

(4) Personal Development

(5) Career Growth and Opportunity

(6) Work Fulfillment

(7) Work Life Balance


Acknowledge your employees regularly for their work output. It gives them a sense of worth and encourages them to maintain high standards and perform to expectations. Create a clear link between employee performance and the objectives of your business where individuals are fairly rewarded for their contributions to the business’ success.


Rapport is at the heart of relationships and is something that a Business Leader/Owner must work at to get the best results. The greatest ability a leader must have is a caring relationship with people. The ability to enter someone else’s world, to make that person feel that you understand them and that you have a common bond. If your employees know you care for them, they know you expect a lot out of them and they will live up to those expectations. Create an environment where good, positive, open & collaborative, relationship exists between leaders, co-workers and teams. Value opinions, acknowledge the contribution of others and encourage input/feedback on all areas of your business.


Studies have shown, when senior managers regularly communicate with employees, their organization’s experience higher levels of engagement and lower turnover rates. Involving employees in the decisions that affect their jobs invests them in the overall success of the organization. Develop clear and concise communication for better teamwork. Communicate effectively and productively, the goals and expectations to provide employees with clarity and focus on organizational objectives.

Keep employees informed so they feel valued and apart of the team and the bigger picture. Clarify what is to be done, how well they are doing and what can be done for better performance. Great leadership keeps people informed & appreciated. Open communication is also a basic tool for motivation, which can improve morale of the employees. Inappropriate or faulty communication among employees or between manager and their subordinates is the major cause of conflict and low morale at work.

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”. This principle is the key to effective interpersonal communication.

Personal Development:-

Personal development is about how employees handle their work and personal life situations, their thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions. Personal development techniques include goal setting, time management skills, changing to a positive mind set and learning to deal with all situations in a resourceful manner. These skills will transfer to the workplace in business development.

Personal Development Plans/Programs are essential to improve morale as well as to motivate the employees to perform well. When the company shows interest in their employee’s development, the employee naturally has a greater interest in the company’s development too.

Create an environment for coaching. Individual or group coaching is a powerful tool for personal development and ultimately improving performance and leadership. Coaching is a means of gaining clarity and focus on objectives. It’s a shift of focus & perception. It provides a safe place where individuals can talk about their challenges and opportunities in a confidential environment.

Career Growth and Opportunity:-

Career growth means different things to different people. Depending on someone’s interests, career growth is not always about moving up. Sometimes it’s a promotion other times it means accepting a new position for development. Employees like to learn new skills and meet challenges and they are more motivated when they feel there is great potential for growth.

Create a culture of constant learning, full of development opportunities to develop, and where employees feel positive about their future prospects. Develop a personal “Road Map to Success” and put a plan and process/system in place to help them reach their goals and be happy at work.

Work Fulfillment:-

Productivity at work begets fulfillment. And in order to find job satisfaction and become as productive as possible, encourage your employees to take charge of their attitude and outlook (ie. If it is not resourceful, they change it). You’ll be surprised at how even the smallest steps towards taking full responsibility for things that affect them can dramatically transform the workplace, and in turn, their fulfillment at work.

Employees want to have meaningful and challenging work. People like to be challenged, particularly when they feel that they are supported in taking on new challenges. Presenting an organizational challenge to your employees stimulates thinking and creates excitement within the organization. Create an environment where the nature of the day-to-day work is mentally stimulating and consistently energizes people.

Work Life Balance:-

The business world is not your entire life, as much as it may seem to be. Your career is but one aspect of your life that also includes friends, family, and personal needs and issues. A balance must be struck. True success cannot be had in one area of your life and not another. This is how personal development, social development, and business development are all linked together. A work-life policy that respects individual, customer and organizational needs can be beneficial to all.

Create an environment where employee’s life outside of work are supported and encouraged. Achieve a reasonable balance and notice the performance, accountability and commitment go up and negative attitudes, stress and staff turnover go down. Introduce these ideas slowly and one at a time to your workforce. Start with your supervisors; they will have the most impact on your employees. With each new idea, you will see your employees becoming more engaged and effective in their work. You will soon begin to see the difference in your bottom line.


What would your business look like when you apply these steps? How well will your business run when you apply all these steps? What kind of decision would you be making today and how would it affect your business tomorrow?

The results will spread like a ripple through water. Start the RIPPLE EFFECT today.

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