Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Taking the Third Side or Going to the Balcony

How do you get to ‘yes’? For me it’s all about creating perspective by stepping aside from the emotions involved, and stopping the knee-jerk reactions that occur when you feel attacked.  It requires us to take the third side by listening to people and really hearing what they have to say. 

William Ury, author of “Getting to Yes,” offers an elegant, simple (but not easy) way to create agreement in even the most difficult situations — from family conflict to, perhaps, the Middle East.  He is a mediator, writer and speaker, working with conflicts ranging from family feuds to boardroom battles to ethnic wars.

The potential is huge when we take the time and make the effort to change the game from hostility to hospitality.  Whether you are in the board room, the living room or walking across the desert, creating common identity and common purpose is how you begin to create connections and make progress. 

Please enjoy this rather lengthy video about how people and countries are beginning to see the Middle East as something other than a haven for terrorists. 

What have you taken from this that you can take to work or to home to create a third side relationship?

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