Sunday, April 22, 2018

Retirement Offers a Chance For New Opportunities

By Susan Kersley

You may have been looking forward to retirement for years and promised yourself all the things you would do, ‘when you retire.’ Perhaps the prospect of actually doing those things now seems a bit scary.

Before you move on to changing things it’s very important to acknowledge what you’ve achieved during your professional life, rather than only dwelling on what you would like to have done. You may have been upset when frustrations in relation to work, went on and on, from week to week, month to month, year to year without much improvement. You may have tried to improve the situation but found that either you didn’t stay motivated or you were too influenced by others telling you your plans were impossible to achieve. However you also achieved some positive things. Celebrate these now, even though you have a nagging feeling things could have been better and you could have done more to change the system, especially when you looked around at friends who seemed to have got things sorted out so much better than you.

When you look back at all those busy years, what upset you the most? Perhaps friends or family accusing you of never coming to see them? You were always far too busy and they didn’t understand your situation. Perhaps your partner was fed up with you coming home late each day and then sleeping in front of the television. You hardly had enough energy to go out, and if you managed to see a film or a play you promptly fell asleep.

You may have put on weight because you sought comfort in unhealthy food and had hardly any exercise. You were exhausted most of the time and yet didn’t sleep well.

Whatever the reason for your retirement something is about to change and you with it. Retirement is not the end of the road. Not at all. It offers you an amazing opportunity to re-invent yourself, to do things you haven’t had time to do for years, to re-connect to friends and family, and to get to know your partner again. It depends on you and your openness to the possibilities this stage of life offers you now. You could retire but continue to work at the same job, whenever your services are needed. On the other hand you may decide to do nothing. There is a middle way. You can continue earning money, if you wish, but you have the chance to do so in a completely different way. There may be a less stressful job connected with your profession which would suit you, or you may decide to cut the strings and try something completely new.

Susan Kersley is a retired doctor who became a life coach. She encourages you to have a life after work and live your dreams.,

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