Sunday, April 22, 2018

Pendulum vs. Fulcrum

The Encarta Dictionary states that a pendulum is something that changes regularly, often alternating between two extremes.  A fulcrum is something that supports something else revolving about it or depending on it.  My question this morning is whether I, as a leader, would rather be a pendulum or a fulcrum.  And my question has to do with choosing my thoughts, and allowing my senses, emotions and body to move toward that vibrational frequency.

Most of us are aware of a new body of science called quantum physics.  I’ve included a video for you to watch, if you are interested, so you might follow my giant leap in thought regarding our choices as to whether we want to be the pendulum or the fulcrum.

According to quantum physics, light can be either a particle or a wave – and it appears to be the one you decide to measure when you decide to measure it.  Each particle, or wave of energy vibrates at a specific frequency and that determines whether we can actually see the results of that vibration, or not. 

Here comes the leap.  Many people believe that our thoughts are energy as well – we just can’t see them.  Therefore, they also vibrate at a specific frequency.  The frequency of our thoughts determine the emotions we feel, how we perceive our world, and the state of our body.  It would seem to me, however, that any one of those measurements could determine the other.  For example, choosing our emotion, could also raise or lower our thoughts and how we perceive our world. 

The beauty of this is that we, like light, can choose how we want to be perceived.  We can choose to be the fulcrum.   When we choose our thoughts, and consciously decide to remain at choice, we do not deviate due to the attitudes of people around us. 

Let me give you an example:  I worked with an individual, let’s call her Monica, for a period of time who was full of anger and rage at the jobs that had been lost due to outsourcing activity to a country other than the United States.  Monica was in a state of overwhelm and felt quite traumatized.  We worked hard to raise her thoughts to a level of receptivity and openness since the only positions she was being offered interviews for were with companies based out of this foreign country.  She had been laid off, and needed a job to be able to take care of her family, and she needed to move beyond the thoughts of repulsion she was feeling.   Once we got her there, she was employed in a position with much higher pay than her previous position.  In addition, she now volunteers to lead a group of professionals who are unemployed in developing a cooperative consulting firm utilizing the myriad talents they bring to the table to find work for members of the group.  Monica is doing this by studying and utilizing the strategies put into practice by her outsourcing firm in winning contracts from companies in the United States.  The group is energized and productive, and their attitudes are changing from one of despair to hope.  Monica daily chooses her attitude of joy and gratitude, which yields thoughts of inspiration and insight.  She has become highly sensitive to the frequencies of the people she surrounds herself with.  Monica remains constant in her choice to be the pivot point of creative thought, rather than the intransigent member of the team blocked by obstacles of her own making.   

Our evolution as enlightened leaders is made by choice, and determined by attitude.  We choose whether to be the fulcrum or the pendulum, and move our way closer to wisdom.

Georgia Feiste, owner of Collaborative Transitions Coaching, Inc., located in Lincoln, NE, is a life transitions coach, writer, and workshop facilitator.  She specializes in career, business and personal life transitions for people seeking change in their life.  Georgia is uniquely skilled in providing support and encouragement as her clients set intentional goals to attain their desires, holding open the space they need to stretch and grow. Her passion is success grounded in purpose and passion, standards of integrity and priorities in life.    Her website is, where she blogs about business and career, and , where she and many other coaches blog about mind, body, spirit and emotion.  Georgia can be reached at (402) 304-1902.

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2 Responses to “Pendulum vs. Fulcrum”
  1. Very thought provoking Georgia! And if this is a small glimpse into the theory of quantum physics, then, for the first time, I get it!

    I choose to be the fulcrum. You?

    • Georgia says:

      Marcia – Thanks for the comment. For an even larger glimpse try watching “What the bleep do we know?” It is all about the concept of quantum physics, and how it relates to free will. It is fascinating. And so wonderful to know that there are a multitude of paths out there, just waiting for us to make a decision each and every moment of the day. That’s why living consciously and in the moment is so critical for our happiness and success! Talk to you tomorrow!