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How to Trigger Success in Your Life – The Ripple Effect

By Reggie Aquilina

Success has different meanings to different people.

A person might consider success in life to be measured by the amount of material possessions accumulated. For another person Life Success could be a culmination of achievements and the development of personal relationships and life roles. For another person it might be the enactment of a life legacy or contribution to society.

Whatever the case one fact remains constant. Success does not fall from trees and we do not obtain our desires by simply thinking it into being. It is true in a way that thoughts can become things, but this is hardly a literal explanation of the mechanics of our Universe.

So what can we do to trigger Success in our Life?

Certainly the first step in manifesting our Dream is to get clear about what we want.

Sounds obvious?

Well, you would be surprised by the amount of people I meet with who have no clear idea what they want to achieve in life. How can you ever achieve Life Success when you do not even know what you want in life? It’s like taking a plane to Paris or London and then as soon as you arrive you just lock yourself in the hotel and stay there for the entire holiday – because you never bothered to check out the Interesting places to visit and made a touring plan.

But making a plan is not enough. You need to commit yourself fully to your plan of action and start taking immediate action. No decision is a real decision unless it is immediately followed up by the first action.

This is where the triggering of Success truly commences. It is at the stage of our first action that we give birth to the external manifestation of our desire.

Through commitment to our Dream and consistent action, even amidst initial failures, we are slowly releasing the power that will create our success.

And the crux of Success is also based on another important factor. While it is important to keep your focus on the end goal- on the Dream you want to achieve, it’s important not to get stuck to the exact results and outcomes.

What you must ask yourself is: What feelings will I experience when I achieve this Dream?

Let’s say that you want to open a shop because this will provide you with financial freedom, a means of owning your own business and a sense of freedom because you will be your own boss. You might go around trying to find a location for your shop. You could start buying the papers and asking around to find the right premises.You also start searching the internet to explore any small property around the area where you want to start your business. However each search is fruitless and you are on the verge of giving up your Dream. You might think that you have failed…once again.

But as you are surfing the internet you might notice a course on Internet Marketing that will give you the opportunity to create your business on line. You might just drift away from this webpage because what you initially wanted was brick and mortar shop. However if you really looked into what feelings you wanted to experience you would find that an Internet Marketing business could still give you the financial freedom, means of owning your business and a chance of being your own boss. The outcome of your Success in achieving your Dream will depend on whether you become aware of this potential opportunity and act upon it, or whether you will just ignore it and just give up.

The fact is that in life we get a lot of opportunities, but we might simply ignore them because they do not seem to fit in EXACTLY within the strict confines of our straight-jacket plans for life. We might miss out on new attractive opportunities because we are chasing doggedly one specific outcome.

Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.- Alexander Graham Bell

It’s important to keep aligned to our Big Dream, but it is also crucial to notice what Life is telling us through the opportunities that arise. We might be smashing ourselves against the rocks of life simply because we want to achieve a specific outcome, when in fact, the trigger to our success could be disguised as an opportunity with a different shade of colour than our rigid mind frame.

So take your first action and watch the ripple effect of this one small action. Stay tuned to each expanding ripple and identify each opportunity as it arises. Ripples expand in a 360 degree fashion and in the same way opportunities can take you to a different pathway than you originally planned. However, the fact remains that a ripple will always take you beyond your comfort zone and it may expand your Success to a perimeter you never even dreamt possible.

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Reggie Aquilina is the Founder of Insight Zone Academy. He is a Life Coach and works in the field of Adult Learning and Development. He is actively involved in providing e-learning resources related to Life Coaching and he is the creator of the Life Coaching Home Study Course: The 10 PowerKeys Program.

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