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How to Maintain A Positive Attitude After Being Fired

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By Kate Johns

You’ve just been fired from your job. You slaved away for so many years, only to be told you weren’t needed anymore for what sounds like a made up reason, and you are living your worst nightmare. Not only that, but your boss felt the need to have you escorted out of the building like a criminal in front of former co-workers.

But because you are not a common criminal, you decided to deal with being fired gracefully, as you walk by everyone with a large box of your work related items.

Just how do you deal with being canned, fired, let go, downsized, from your job? You could work for yourself, so that you can do the hiring and firing. But you wanted to know; How to deal gracefully with being fired from your job:

1.Although you won’t have millions of people watching you on TV, the American Idol contestants seem to have a pretty good handle on being fired by millions of people every week. And you don’t have to sing a song while welling up inside at the same time. If an American Idol contestant can do it, so can you.

2. After walking out of work, it is time to hold your head high, while keeping your dignity. Go home and tell your loved ones, as the earth shaking news dawns on you. Let everyone hug you and tell you it will be all right. You’ve survived worse, so you can make it through this.

3. Usually people just want to stay home hiding from the world. But, you have to tell everyone you know, and do it in a positive way. Tell people you were downsized, or let go for company reasons, not for personal, you did something wrong reasons.

4. Tell the world you were let go from your job. Why? They can help you find a new job; It’s called networking.

5. Try to remain positive. It could be, that you really hated your former job, and it showed. Could be that you did nothing wrong, and your boss just didn’t like you. Look on the bright side, and think positive,strong thoughts!

6. Above all, do not burn your bridges. Talk in a positive manner about your former employer. You will need your former boss for a reference.

7. Move on and get a new, better job. Above all, don’t sit around stewing and feeling sorry for yourself. Life will go on, and it may even get better. But, that’s up to you.

8. “Don’t worry, be happy.” Turn your efforts towards looking for a new job, or going back to college to get a better job. Your former employer might call one day offering you a new job. If you burned your bridges with you former employer, then an old co-worker who is starting a new business will not want to hire you to work for him. Speak positively about your former employer and all of the workers.

9. When you leave your old employer, do not take anything with you that doesn’t belong to you. They can peg you for stealing, and you can go to jail.

10. Try not to hang out with other former employees unless you are going to school together or starting a new business together, Talk will become negative, and people will feel sorry for themselves. Run with the winners!

It’s not easy, but you can do it. Walk out of work with your head held high, and refrain from yelling obscenities at your former boss. Work on having a positive attitude everyday by reading self-help books, and by telling yourself you are strong, intelligent, and it will work out. Start practicing yoga which offers a good stretching workout, and also calms you down.

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2 Responses to “How to Maintain A Positive Attitude After Being Fired”
  1. Robert says:

    Very good points, especially being positive if you can. When one door closes, another door opens. Adversity brings opportunities. All of this is true. It seems in my career, many times my new job had much more opportunity than the old job. Good post!


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