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Hello. My name is Georgia, and I’m an “Aha” junkie…

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About a year ago, I was at a conference and I met a wonderful person who said to me “I’m an Aha junkie.  I love to watch the people around me as we are having a discussion, and they suddenly get it!”  I fell in love with that phrase and I have been using it ever since.

I get that same thrill with my clients when they suddenly get it and they are so excited they can hardly stand it.  Then there are the times when they get it, and they are almost overwhelmed with relief, and sometimes sadness that it took them so long to get it. 

I’m taking the risk today of being vulnerable.  I can’t believe it took me so long to “get it”, with the IT being the lesson to be learned in the midst of the friction occurring between me, my father and my step-mother.  Please bear with me.

I have been quite confused with some of the comments I have received prior to me coming down to Arizona to re-tool the condo, and during my stay here in Arizona, and the actions that have been taken that augment some of the comments.  And, I must admit that I was feeling like a victim for a while.  Finally, I made a decision to go with what I wanted, and that was to spend time with my Dad, regardless of the circumstances.  He turned 80 yesterday, and because our life forms tend to wear out over time, I am feeling an increasing desire to be closer to him as he grows older so that I might share with him the wisdom I have gained over the last few years, and learn from him the wisdom he has gained in his 80 years on this earth, during his human experience.  Taking action on this desire has been uncomfortable at times, but I learned that if I listened to their stories, mostly without comment, all was well and the relationship began to even out and calm.

This morning, as I was writing my morning pages, I reached my Aha moment.   I soared with excitement, shook my head in amazement at the time it took me to get to the Aha, and now because of who I am, I want to share the lesson I learned from this opportunity – one I should have known from the beginning.  Here it comes folks – If you are calmly and intentionally living your life mission and purpose you will not feel discomfort, annoyance, unhappiness, or any of these emotions in even the most awkward of situations.  I learned that the “role”  I thought I was playing was really an aspect of my life purpose, but because I wasn’t looking at it that way,  I was frustrated.  I had earlier realized that my parents were not interested in my stories, and only wanted me to listen to and comment upon their stories (which I have heard two or three times in the last 10 days). 

This is my mission and my purpose:  I am here to inspire, encourage and support divine leadership and a sense of connectedness with everyone I meet.   I will do this by utilizing my talents and strengths in learning and teaching through coaching. 

My Aha moment this morning is that I can inspire, encourage and support divine leadership and a sense of connectedness by listening to stories as many times as they need to be told, and learn and teach by being.  I don’t have to coach in all situations.  I can simply be the safe, supporting and loving person I am and create a connection with my parents, and every person I meet.  I learn by listening, I teach by being.  The challenge is resting in the knowledge that I don’t have to learn how to “be”, I simply am.

What situations are you facing that simply dissolve by you being gently and calmly who you are?

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3 Responses to “Hello. My name is Georgia, and I’m an “Aha” junkie…”
  1. Georgia, once again I’m struck by your amazing insight into both yourself and the rest of us – learning vulnerability, focusing on our passion, being who we really are – you inspire us with your insight. Thank you.

    • Georgia says:

      Thanks, Marcia. I learned a new definition for the word vulnerability – allowing the universal energy to flow around and through you. Isn’t that a wonderful picture? I makes me want to sit and breathe deeply.


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