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Can You Really Think and Grow Rich?

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By Geoff Beattie

There are many ways to interpret Think and Grow Rich. This is just one way I see it.

Having read the book “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill” a couple of times I can highly recommend it to everyone. Whether you are looking to get rich or not, there are deeper lessons to be learned from it than how to grow rich by thinking about it.

I don’t want to go into details of the book at this time, but just want to look at the title “Think and Grow Rich”. Can you really Think and Grow Rich?  Well, if you take a look at you own life to this point in time and work your way backwards step by step, you’ll see a very clear pattern emerging.

Let’s look at your present job for example, ( fill in the blanks to suit – this will work for just about any job or position – employed, unemployed or other!) So, at the moment you’re a ____, and you’ve been there since ____. Before then you were a ____. Then you either wanted to change or had to change due to either your circumstances or those beyond your control.

Now this is the interesting part…. you got to your position today as a direct result of your thoughts! – If we take that a little deeper you’ll see how that works and, how you can control your next move.

Lets make up some circumstances for a good example:

Alan works in a supermarket, and he hates it!  So he’s faced with a decision that will change his life forever. This decision will be made either in haste or after some thought. Now if Alan just sits and thinks for a while he will begin to see the options he has, and the things he can or can’t do.  Let’s look at two scenarios:

  1. Do nothing and put up with it. Requires no thought, and no change and is by far the easiest option.
  2. Put some thought into his options and think more long term.

This could lead to all kinds of outcomes.  Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities:

a. Look for new positions within the company

b. Look for promotion within the company

c. Look for a similar position with another company as he can do the job well, but just wants a change of scenery.

d. Learn a new skill, one that he finds interesting and would open new doors for possible future employment, or even self employment.

This simple example shows just how useful a little bit of thought can be. Now this may seem obvious to some people, and may even appear to be stating the obvious, but until you break down the process of how your thoughts shape your future, you don’t often realise just how powerful they can be. Looking at the title of Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think and Grow Rich” and the original question “Can you really think and grow rich?”, what would be your answer?  The answer is undoubtedly YES – but only if you choose to think the right thoughts that will put you in the path to enable you to grow rich. We become what we think about.

The Covenant Of Timeless Wisdom is my blog following my life and the law of attraction that I’m putting to practice. I decided to build the site and blog about my progress and thoughts following my continued learning from “The Covenant of Timeless Wisdom” and hope to develop it into a small community of like minded people to share our experiences and ideas.

Geoff Beattie.

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