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Abundant Moments

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By Beca Lewis

Four teenagers went to see a staging of the play called “Our Town” as guests of the show Sunday Morning. The question the show wanted answered was, “would this play resonant with the ‘twitter and instant gratification’ generation”.

After the play the two boys and two girls were interviewed and the question, based on the play, was asked, “Is there enough in just (a blue sky), a sunny day, in just an ordinary day, to fill the need for stimulation?” The answer from one of the boys was a marvel of simplicity and truth. “The question is not – is there enough – but are you looking up?”

With an increasingly instant world comes the risk of not appreciating and enjoying the overflowing gifts of each moment. The sun streaming in our windows, the voice of a loved one, the tips of daffodils emerging through the earth, and the flight of a bird are all enough just in themselves, if we are paying attention.

There are not enough words to describe the richness and overflow of wealth in each moment, no matter where we live, or who we are – it is there if we but “look up”.

It’s too easy to be caught up in what is not working, and forget what is just right. It’s too easy to focus on other people’s lives and either admire them or hate them for what they have in life. It’s too easy, and it is dangerous because it blinds us to the richness and abundance found in each moment of life and leaves us in the illusion of “not enough” which is the breeding ground for all forms of fear and greed.

What we call a material world is the objectification of our current highest awareness of each idea, person, or object of its actual spiritual and eternal identity as the effect and idea of the divine infinite Mind.

We are not creating anything with our thinking and our beliefs. We are hiding what is present now as a spiritual fact from our own view, and therefore the ability to experience it in our lives. When we agree with the worldview of lack, and debt, and obligation to matter we are both blinding and binding ourselves.

It may appear to be easy to take off those blinders because they are not who we are, but when the habit, training, and worldview is to wear them at all times, it takes obsessive vigilance to keep them off.

The universe is expanding, not contracting. What we perceive as reality is a tiny speck in what is, in Big R Reality, infinite and always present. Far out of reach of the five senses is the “invisible” universe, the spiritual universe that is here and now. This infinite consciousness is in the mode of constant provision.

We experience this infinite abundance in greater degrees as we shift our perception away from what appears as a limited and problematic materiality, and into the awareness and gratitude for the presence of the abundance in every moment of our lives.

We can refuse to discuss, chew over, be swayed by, and driven by the illusion of lack. We can give up the habit of staring at what isn’t working, and reacting to the problems of the world as if they were real. We can give up demanding that the material world owes us something, and we will give up the habit of debt to get it.

We can stand still and listen in the pause to the still small voice of Truth, which throughout human history has been the voice of the infinite singing of Its presence. When we listen, it has the power to dissolve the lie of lack. Stand still in that awareness and feel the gratitude for your abundant life that exists now. Stand there in that Truth, and be the inspiration for others to stand with you.

Together we can look up; together we can be aware of each abundant moment, and that surely is more than enough.

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