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A Quickening Spiritual Evolution

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Photo courtesy of Clare Bloomfield

Photo courtesy of Clare Bloomfield

How many of you are aware of a quickening in our spiritual evolution?  Have you noticed how Spirit is asking us to learn faster so that we might be ready for a profound shift of some kind?  As a coach, I am seeing evidence of this based upon the ages of my clients.  While the majority of my clients are in their late 40s through early 60s, I am starting to see more and more in their late 20s and into their 30s and early 40s.  And they all are seeking more clarity around their spiritual growth, who they are and what they are here to do. 

For the last two days I was watching over my great-niece as a favor to my nephew.  She is six months old, and a beautiful baby.  Not being the parent, I was somewhat able to step into an observational role as I fed her, rocked her, and held her while she played and learned about her world.  She is used to being held, and feels threatened when you put her down or step out of the room.  She cries because she knows that will bring you back into the room.  She fusses because she knows you will pick her up and hold her – or change her, or feed her.  She basks in being rocked to sleep, but won’t sleep long if she is placed in her crib and you leave the room.  She snuggles her face in your breast when you hold her, and looks up with her shining eyes and favors you with a beautiful smile. She smothers you with wet open mouthed kisses because she has learned this behavior brings joy and delight to the person holding her.   She has not yet learned hardship, but has experienced discomfort, fear and hunger, and works hard to not feel those things for long.  She trusts that you will respond and she loves unconditionally out of that trust.  And, she has begun to learn polarity and the energy that comes with it; she has begun to learn of separation, and strives to maintain the oneness with her caregiver.  She remains closer to Spirit than we do as adults – experiencing infinite abundance and love – and trusts that her every need will be met.

I share this with you because I experientially learned a profound lesson over the last two days.  That my spiritual evolution requires me to move in the direction of oneness – looking inward for the energy patterns expressed by that little child, and begin to express unconditional love and forgiveness in all situations.  This was a powerful lesson, moving me leaps and bounds forward faster than any book I could have read. 

For me, spiritual evolution is wrapped around one concept.  Love.  And, as a subset of that, forgiveness.  Because I live in the United States, my five senses tell me a particular story, much different than that of the rest of the world.  My human reality is a world based upon polarity and judgment;  right/wrong, good/bad, beautiful/ugly,  soft/hard, yin/yang, rich/poor, etc.  With that comes the energy of fear, limitations, change, anger, scarcity, and sometimes hate.  The polarity, of course, is joy, happiness, contentment, laughter, and peace.  I find that when people are clear about who they are, and consciously live their lives within the context of that clarity, they move closer to living in Spirit and the ability to love and forgive unconditionally.    

We speak often of love, but as a culture find it difficult to express love, even conditionally.  We begin life working quickly to figure it out, and making an attempt to control whatever situation we find ourselves.  I believe life can be as wondrous as that of a small child, if we can learn to love and forgive as naturally as they do.  It only requires us to remember that we are all one, part of Spirit, and surrender to the perfection of the situation.  

Today I will live my life as if a small child, remembering Spirit and unconditional love.

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2 Responses to “A Quickening Spiritual Evolution”
  1. Julie Gibson says:

    /Thanks Georgia some good perspective taking. Now to live it – consciously and with deliberate intention. i so quickly forget.

  2. Georgia says:

    Thanks for the comment, Julie. It is difficult to consciously live and grow each day. We slip, and consciously or unconsciously judge ourselves harshly, creating that paradox of right/wrong. I think part of the process is loving ourselves enough to not pass judgment on being human in a very human world, but to be aware of our reactions and learn from them. Blessings, Georgia