Monday, April 23, 2018

5 Secrets to Active Retirement

 By Jan Houghton

With retirees seemingly getting younger and younger, in the mind if not in the body, enjoyment is the name of the game! But to get the most out of retirement, you need to have a plan. One of my favorite sayings is “If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there”!

For any would-be retirees who haven’t tried goal-setting yet, having a plan is great. You can make daily goals (“today I am going to sign up for a French course”), 3-monthly goals (“I will be able to converse in French at the ‘hello, how are you’ level”), yearly goals (“I will save enough money to go on that cruise I’ve been talking about for years”.)

The following are just some suggestions I have come up with while planning my own retirement! Hope they give you some ideas to be going on with. There are of course many, many more things you could do with your time, but the following might help to start the ball rolling.

1. Develop an Exercise Program – it doesn’t need to be at a gym, and can be as strenuous or not as you choose. It could be walking, tai chi, line dancing (boot scooting), taking up a sport…..

2. Learn Something New, it keep helps keep your mind active. There are hundreds of different Home Study courses to choose from, or you could become a mature age student at your local tertiary college, which would have the added bonus of mixing with lots of new people, young and old; you could join that Thai cooking course you were always looking at, or how about extending your present knowledge, and learn more about using your computer, or go to a golf clinic for a holiday, join a choir etc.

3. Work Part-time. Rather than going back into the workforce, which you’ve just escaped from, try turning a hobby into a business. As well as keeping you and your mind young, this has the additional benefit of giving you extra income. For instance if you have always sewed for your family, you could start an online ebay shop where you sell the items you make. Like scrapbooking? Start teaching other people how to do it. Enjoy using the internet? Want to earn cash online? Try some internet marketing, you’ll be amazed at what you can earn, and learn.

4. Become a Volunteer. Place such as Community Organisations, Respite centres, kindergartens, schools, Meals on Wheels, church or the local community radio station are always looking for volunteer workers. As well as keeping yourself occupied, you are also helping others, which always feels good

5. Go Out with a Friend. Plan to spend one day per week/fortnight/month out with your partner or a friend. You could go to the movies one fortnight, to the zoo another time, or perhaps just a day out shopping with a nice lunch. It not only gives you something to look forward to, but keeps you in touch with previous workmates and buddies.

Now go to it and have a ball in your active retirement!

I am 64yo, and have been seriously looking at retiring for the past few months, as I reckon I can find plenty more enjoyable things to keep me occupied than being an office admin person! I recently found a home business I am passionate about, so if, like me you’d like to supplement your income, do check out my website at and come join me, I’d love to help you achieve your dreams. You can also find out some more about me on my blog at

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  1. I was searching about issues about this and I finally found some info.
    Thanks for that!

    I also have my one blog but that isn´t about this and is in Dutch, maybe
    someday I will start a new blog and just post thing like you´re doing.

    Keep up the good work mate!