Monday, April 23, 2018

Finding a Job You Love With a Leap of Faith

By Jennifer J O’Neill

What I have noticed over the years is how unhappy that people are in the work place. It does not necessarily have to be the work places fault or the people that work there. It is what I like to call incompatibility. You would not choose a relationship with a significant other that had qualities that did not fit your mental check list. You would not just settle for someone that was very incompatible with all of your interests and expect to have a happy relationship or that it would work out at all would you? Since we spend about 40% of our waking time at work why do we choose so carelessly? Because the majority of people find it hard to believe that you can actually get paid for something you like to do or at least are interested in, unless you have the very unlikely gift of being a professional athlete or something. They go about finding work all wrong. Most people look for work by looking in the paper and seeing what is out there and what pays the best. What people do not understand is the relationship that we have with the universe and how it can open up doors for us if you just take the leap of faith.

Some of the best jobs that I ever had were when I was suddenly out of work through no fault of my own. In one instance I was with out a job and not sure where to start looking. So of course I took a mental inventory of what my qualifications were and where I might find the best job, when my husband said to me, ” Why don’t you just figure out where you would most like to work and apply at those places.” After some thought, I said “Well they probably will not be hiring!” His response was what changed my perspective, “How do you know, have you called them?” Well, no I had not called anyone because up until this point I looked at the paper like those were all of my options. After some thought I began to get some ideas.

I happened to love football at the time and knew quite a bit about the sport. About 4 months before, a new indoor professional football team had started up in our town. I thought I would love to work there, but it had been awhile and was sure that all of the openings had been long gone. I was curious though and I called to inquire about any openings. I was shocked to find out that they were just starting to look for an office manager. I was very qualified for this and was asked to come in for an interview. To make a long story short I was offered the job! I couldn’t believe how easy that seemed! I was glad I had been laid off for this wonderful opportunity, had that not happened I wouldn’t have taken my leap of faith!

This story takes an even bigger turn. I was hired at a salary a little less than I was used to, but I was ok with that. I did have to work on weekends which I never did before, since that was my family time. But I figured that it was worth the trade off of working some where I enjoyed, I was ok with that too. About a month or so into the job the GM had a heart issue, and this set off a chain of events. He could not continue to work, the assistant GM decided at this time that he did not want the job put in his notice, and went to work somewhere else (incompatible for his happiness). So guess who was next in line! I went from office manager to GM of the new indoor football team in less than two months with over double the salary I was making at my last job! This was a dream job for me and in my wildest dreams I could not have seen this coming. The universe works in harmony with you when you are in harmony with your talents and your passion. At this time the universe did not just open doors, it laid out the red carpet right in front of me. I obviously am no longer there, I did out grow the job. But I enjoyed it immensely and made some amazing friends, one who is one of my best friends that I talk to today.

Working at something you enjoy does amazing things to your spirit! The fulfillment is wonderful and the income potential is endless if you are in harmony with your passion and gifts. If you are unhappy in your job or are looking for a job, take a leap of faith! It may seem like a huge leap, but if you do not try you will never be able to walk on your red carpet.

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