Monday, April 23, 2018

Being Your Own Boss – Have You Got What It Takes?

By James Koutlis

Have you got what it takes to be your own boss? Do you have the right type of personality? Are you an organised person who can keep records, both for tax purposes and self-interest? Along with the elation, can you handle the pressure and take on the extra hours of being your own boss? If you are not sure, then perhaps this article is meant for you.

Sooner or later we all get fed up with the daily routine of work life. We day dream and wish we could find some way to break away and be our own boss. The only thing stopping us is a lack of confidence in our abilities and perhaps some start up capital. As far as abilities go, we all have something we can offer the rest of the community. Channel these abilities in the right direction and you could soon be earning money.

The things you need are:

A Gambler’s Attitude

Before we take this too literally, let us understand something. Running a business, your own business, does require some risk taking, or a gamble or two. Without taking some risks, nothing would get invented and progress would stagnate. The best you can do is thoroughly research where you invest your money and see if the positives outweigh the negatives. If there is any chance of a profit to be made, then take a gamble.

1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration

Never were truer words spoken. The truth is, you can make just about anything work in your favor as long as you work hard at it. In the initial stages be prepared to bust your butt and never lose confidence in your idea. Establishing a business is like growing a tree from seed. Propagating it and seeing it through its tender infancy is the crucial part. Once it becomes established with a good root system, it should just keep on growing.

Eskimoes Don’t Buy Snow

It’s about positioning. The world market is flooded with goods and services and where you once had a corner store servicing a neighbourhood you will now find six. Competition is not a bad thing as long as you are competitive. Your idea for a business may be great, but if you don’t angle for a good marketing position you are doomed to failure. We don’t need a seventh corner store in this neighborhood, so find one with five or less stores and that’s where you set up shop.

Investigate Your Competition

What ever business you are considering getting into, chances are someone has beat you to it the draw. The answer to this is to keep a close eye on your competition and either match them stride for stride or beat them. Can you do this? If not, perhaps you need another idea or a new market. The importance of knowing your competition, understanding your rivals, cannot be stressed enough. They have been around longer and are more established. If you can provide the same goods or services at a better price, you are in business.

If You Can’t Better The Price, Better The Service

The only other answer to this dilemma is this; provide a better up front and after sales service than your competition and the extra cost to your customer can easily be justified. Many customers are not so concerned about paying a little more for products or services as long as the service is outstanding. In fact, you can attract the right kind of client by concentrating on providing a better service than your competitors. Remember, a Lamborghini costs a little more than a Toyota. You get what you pay for.

Business is like a sport. If you train hard enough, stay disciplined and focused, keep your body fit and healthy and have an optimistic, winning attitude, you stand a good or better chance of making it as your own boss.

Your talents, hobbies and pastimes are a valuable asset. There are people out there willing to pay for this knowledge and you only need to learn how to harness, format and present it to the wider public. See how your knowledge can work for you and earn money. Find out how to make customers happy. Plain, simple, informative and realistic. To acquire the truth about self employment, visit James at:

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