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All Is Well

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My most recent blog regarding synchronicity in world belief systems based on the fourth verse of the Tao reminds us that we are as limitless as the Universe.  Our physical body is with us for a short time, but it does not limit us in our ability to live an inspired life.  I recently met a legally blind gentleman who refuses to be stopped in his pursuit of an online internet business.  He has put aside his physical limitations as he pursues his dream – acting as if it is already his reality.

We exist in a world of sharp edges and twisted knots as stated in the verse.  Watching the year-end wrap up of scenes from the last decade this morning, I made note of all the fear and negativity packed in to three short minutes.  It is true we were all touched by the trauma of 9/11, the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, hurricane Katrina, and the collapse of the financial markets.  The media played these tragedies over and over until they were imprinted on our minds, as if we were there. 

The teachings of the Tao remind us to concentrate on the abundance of the universe, and how out of the worst of tragedies comes a peaceful awakening to the joy that all is in order.  Another news segment shown  yesterday, told of the recovery from the Tsunami to an environment “better than it was”, repeated in a news segment showing  the rebuilding of New Orleans.  And while many may disagree with me, the collapse of the financial markets has re-balanced the mind of many Americans from having more, bigger, and better to living more simply, reducing and/or eliminating debt, and spending time with family and friends.  Rather than pursuing the frenzy of acquisition, working a hundred hours a week, and hating every minute of it, many are concentrating on pursuing their passion, and living a life of giving rather than taking.

As we begin to concentrate on, and give energy to the abundance of the universe, we begin to see the gentler side of life.  Our actions reflect the calmness of smooth edges and loosened knots.  We make greater change in our corner of the world by living out of love than we do by living in worry and strife.  Situations become easier, and there is far less turmoil.  We become open to the creative energy within us.

In the words of Michael Teal:

We are more than just physical beings, we are whispers of love dancing in the breeze. We are spiritual beings on a path of loving service, where if we pay attention the sacred earth wisdom within will direct our destinies to a place of peace where joy and love abound. Embrace how beautiful you are and you make your life a garden of grace and beauty. We are love and love is the light within that guides our way.

What situation in your life are you willing to respond to from a position of infinite observer?

I release concerns, anxiety, and worry, freeing me to be open to the limitless creativity that is mine.

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