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You Can Live a Life of Passion and Purpose

When it comes to our professional and personal lives, at one point or another, we all feel lost.

  • You could be just out of school, starting to forge your own path.  Our first decisions can be the most difficult to make.
  • You could be in your 30s, wondering if you’re making the right decisions. The life you built no longer fulfills you.
  • You could be recently unemployed, and panicking about your next steps. When something unexpected happens, you blame yourself, and the decisions you’ve made before you recognize the opportunities in front of you.
  • Or, you could be nearing retirement, unsure of how you’ll adjust to the change. You’ve enjoyed years of working in a thriving business environment and now you need to create a new way of life.

Graduation, Career Change, Unemployment, Entrepreneurship, Retirement, they can all be stressful and confusing times.

Why not get the support you need to make the right choices?

  • Be inspired to make big decisions that will produce significant change.
  • Confidently create your own path to a career you desire…and deserve.
  • Become more financially successful
  • Strategically close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  • Find the motivation you need to change your habits and live a bolder life.
  • Discover a purpose that is fulfilling and rewarding.

Find your true calling, realize your full potential and enjoy the results of unleashing your passions in life with collaborative life coaching.

Over the years, I have empowered successful people to create bigger and bolder lives and achieve extraordinary results.  How did we do this?  With care, expertise and optimism, I encouraged each client to embrace their beliefs and values while providing them with support in developing effective emotional awareness and taking intentional strategic actions.

With professional coaching, I can help you recognize your purpose through reflection, support and planning.  Working together, we will explore the options of living a more fulfilling life and create more energy and excitement about your future than you thought possible.  Put your life back in your own hands.

It is always, and never, a good time for change.

Call now to schedule your Introductory Session, and we’ll take the first step together.

Coach Georgia Feiste

Wherever you stand, the most important choice to make is what to do next.

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